Indexable Turning Tools Grounded Inserts MC1020 TPGT110302R-S Finishing Application

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Perfect chip control performance. Cermet inserts with inscribed circle diameter of 9.525mm, 3.97mm thick, 0.4mm nose radius, indexing accuracy according to ISO-tolerance class-G.

The selection of the cutting tool material and grade is an important factor to consider when planning a successful metal-cutting operation. Compared to cemented carbide, cermet has improved wear resistance and reduced smearing tendencies. On the other hand, it also has lower compressive strength and inferior thermal shock resistance. It is suitable for finishing applications where high accuracy and high surface quality is required.

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The TPGT110302R-S can perfectly control the chips and obtains high performance under low cutting force cutting. It is ideally suited for finishing applications where high accuracy and high surface quality is required.

Cermet grades are used in smearing applications where built-up edge is a problem. Their self-sharpening wear pattern keeps cutting forces low even after long periods in cut. In finishing operations, this enables a long tool life and close tolerances, and results in shiny surfaces.

The cermet may crack after electrical discharge machining (EDM), light grinding is needed before used.

Both dry cutting and sufficient cooling wet cutting are feasible. Avoid insufficient cooling and thermal shock in cutting.


-Excellent chip control performance

-High Oxidation resistance

-High hardness, high red hardness,

-High productivity during machining

-Long Tool Life and Stable Machining for High Speed Continuous Cuts


Ti(CN) based cermet is a composite material that combines ceramic and metallic materials. Cermet grades provide long tool life and excellent surface finish, combining toughness with superior wear resistance. Currently it is widely used for metal cutting applications such as automobile, medical, die-mold, petroleum, woodworking, 3C and many other industries.


Insert Type TPGT110302R-S
Grade MC1020
Material TiCN Cermet
Hardness HRA92.4
Density(g/cm³) 6.5
Transverse Rupture Strength (MPa) 1700
Workpiece Carbon steel, alloy steel, gray cast iron
Machining method Finishing
Application CNC External turning, Inner hole boring


Q:What kind of cutting tools do you manufacture?
A:We manufacture a wide range of products including cermet inserts, endmill, blanks, rods, plates and customized products.
Q:What about the package?
A:10pcs plastic box in 50pcs case,then in 500/1000 pcs cartons.Or custom packing as your requirements.
Q: How many employees do you have in the factory?
A:There are over 250 employees in Metcera by end of 2021
Q:When is the leading time?
A:Normally 10 days after receiving your payment,but it can be negotiated based on order qty and production schedule.
Q:What kind of payment terms you accept?
A:T/T,West Union,Paypal,Credit Card and other main terms.
Q:What’s your manufacturing capability?
A:Metcera can manufacture up to 50000pcs inserts per model per month.

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