MC2010 Cermet Grooving Inserts MGMN250-02-G 40HRC High Hardness

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This parting/grooving inserts aid in maintaining secure, cost-efficient production. They are designed for neutral, right-hand, left-hand cutting directions (lead angle hand).

Ti(CN) based cermet is a new and prospective material which not only possess the quality of toughness, high thermal conductivity and good heat stability of metals, but also possess the qualities of high hardness, high red hardness and corrosion resistance of ceramics. This unique physical and chemical properties of cermet make it promising in the manufacturing of special cutting tools, wear parts and corrosion resistance parts.

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The specially designed chip breaker of MGMN250-02-G allows a smoother chip flow versus conventional flat- top geometries through the use of a central chip breaker. 

The grade MC2010 provides high hardness substrate which ensures long tool life in high speed turning. It’s high toughness cutting edge ensures long tool life even in high impact machining and ensures high production stability. The anti-collaps and wear resistance performance stenghthened materials is utilized which can provide extra reliable roughness for extensive cutting conditions.


-Excellent wear resistance and crater resistance

-Excellent surface quality in continuous finishing machining

-High red hardness and high cutting speed in dry cutting( environmental friendly)

- Innovative chip breaker reduces cycle time & increase productivity with the ability to groove in an application

- Flat geometry on cutting edge ensures an excellent surface roughness


Ti(CN) based cermet is a composite material that combines ceramic and metallic materials. Cermet grades provide long tool life and excellent surface finish, combining toughness with superior wear resistance. Our PVD coated cermet offers less deterioration and more bending strength. This enables you to choose the perfect tool fitting your demand for high performance cutting.


Insert Type MGMN250-02-G
Grade MC2010/PV2110/PV2210
Material TiCN Cermet
Hardness HRA92.5
Density(g/cm³) 6.8
Transverse Rupture Strength (MPa) 2100
Workpiece Carbon steel, alloy steel, gray cast iron
Machining method Finishing and semi-finishing
Application Grooving


Q:Where are you located.
A: We are located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, where Titanium resource is very rich.
Q:What kind of payment terms you accept?
A:T/T,West Union,Paypal,Credit Card and other main terms.
Q:Do you provide customized solutions
A:Yes, we can customize both inserts and carbide solid tools based customer’s requirement.
Q:What’s the main application of your products?
A: Our products are used for metal cutting applications such as automobile, medical, die-mold, petroleum, 3C and many other industries.
Q:What about the package?
A:10pcs plastic box in 50pcs case,then in 500/1000 pcs cartons.Or custom packing as your requirements.

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