Endmills——Enjoy a Wide Application in Cutting Tools

Endmills——Enjoy a Wide Application in Cutting Tools
Endmills of Chengdu Met-Ceramic Advanced Material Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred as to “Metcera”) are ceramet cutting tools with the qualities of toughness, high thermal conductivity, good heat stability of metals, as well as high hardness, high red hardness and corrosion resistance of ceramics. The following are the advantages of ceramet qualities respectively.
1)The high toughness of ceramet endmills can share the faster cutting speed than carbide endmills.
2)Ceramet endmills can be widely used in the high-speed finishing of low carbon steel, carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel.
3)The high thermal conductivity of ceramet endmills is the optimal choice to finish steel.
4)The hardness of cermet is higher than that of sintered cemented carbide materials, and the affinity between cermet and ferrous metal is low at high temperature, so better surface finish can be obtained.
5)Having longer usage time in the high-speed finishing process.
In conclusion, ceramet can be widely used in the application of steels, especially the die block steel, stainless steel, alloy steel.
Furthermore, Metcera has its own self-dependent enterprise technology research and development center and Chengdu expert workstation. A team of experts who have studying in ceramet R&D and application for many years, obtained over 30 national intellectual property patents. It shows that Metcera have the capability to improve the production persistently on its own to reduce the research fees and give the back-up technology support at the same time.


In the future, Metcera will focus on research and develop more suitable productions to meet all kinds of application occasion. In addition, Metcera also have other kinds of cutting tools like, blanks, rods, plates, wear parts, corrosion resistant parts and so on. Innovation means a lot in the modern manufacturing industry, Metcera will try the best to be the top innovative enterprise in China.


Post time: Apr-14-2021