TCMT110204-1HQ MC2010 HRA92.5 High Surface Quality Triangle Inserts

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Cermet inserts with inscribed circle diameter of 6.35mm, 3.18mm thick, 0.4mm nose radius, indexing accuracy according to ISO-tolerance class-M.

In different applications, Metcera can provide the demanded grade of cermet with suitable strength and hardness. We are capable of doing quick-design and making products of different sizes based on customers’ demands, and controlling quality and tolerance. Typical customer-made products include inserts, plates, rods, end mill, reamers, drills, etc.

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The triangle cermet insert TCMT110204-1HQ provides excellent chip avacuation in continuous machining of carbon steel and alloyed steel. It’s high hardness substrate ensures long tool life in high speed turning.

The Chipbreaker 1HQ has excellent sharp cutting performance with 3-D rake angle and double projection design. It provides excellent chip evacuation in continuous and high speed machining of carbon steel, 45# steel, gray cast iron, etc. It also provides superior tool life due to improved surface finishes and lower cutting resistance.


-Excellent wear resistance and crater resistance

-Both dry cutting and sufficient cooling wet cutting are feasible

- Improved surface roughness acquired by optimized cutting edges

-High hardness substrate ensures long tool life in high speed turning

-Long Tool Life and Stable Machining for High Speed Continuous Cuts


Ti(CN) based cermet is a composite material that combines ceramic and metallic materials. Cermet grades provide long tool life and excellent surface finish, combining toughness with superior wear resistance. Currently it is widely used for metal cutting applications such as automobile, medical, die-mold, petroleum, woodworking, 3C and many other industries.



Insert Type TCMT110204-1HQ
Grade MC2010
Material TiCN Cermet
Hardness HRA92.5
Density(g/cm³) 6.75
Transverse Rupture Strength (MPa) 2300
Workpiece Carbon steel, alloy steel, gray cast iron
Machining method Semi-finishing
Application CNC External turning

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Q:What kind of cutting tools do you manufacture?
A:We manufacture a wide range of products including cermet inserts, endmill, blanks, rods, plates and customized products.

Q:What about the shipment way?

A: We can arrange shipment via DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS upon customer’s request.

Q: How many employees do you have in the factory?
A:There are over 250 employees in Metcera by end of 2021

Q:When is the leading time?
A:Normally 10 days after receiving your payment,but it can be negotiated based on order qty and production schedule.

Q:What’s the main application of your products?
A: Our products are used for metal cutting applications such as automobile, medical, die-mold, petroleum, 3C and many other industries.

Q:Where are you located.
A: We are located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, where Titanium resource is very rich.

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